Forum Etiquette – Don’t Feed the Troll

A forum, by definition, is an open-communication arena where like-minded individuals can share and help each other – be it for a game, a particular subject, or even for a medical condition. So what do you do if you receive a comment that makes you cringe, a review that makes you rant, or feedback you’d like to forget?

Do you try to explain yourself or debate that person? Do you try to reason with them and show them the error of their ways? Do you take it personally?

If so, you may be opening yourself to an internet troll. What you can expect is a laundry list of insults toward everything from your writing style to your mama’s heritage.

When you’ve spent the time and energy to research and write a great piece, or you simply voiced an innocuous opinion in an open forum, being sniper-hit by some anonymous creep can be truly disheartening. Why do they do that?

Simply put, they have nothing better to do.

The internet is a wonderful place to learn and share ideas. People from all walks of life, all over the planet, can discuss their experiences and expertise in a seemingly safe environment. The problem is that it is a safe environment for everyone – including bullies. Anonymity breeds boldness. They can say anything they want and not have to face any consequences. Bullies thrive on the internet, especially in forums.


You don’t want to overreact. You can get a bad taste in your mouth from a random post or get your feelings hurt by someone who didn’t mean any harm, this is perfectly natural. Take a breath and make sure you’re not taking something personally that might not have even been meant for you. Before you start a war, make sure you’ve got a real troll on your hands. Here is a three-step process to spot a troll:

#1: Identify the difference between constructive feedback and insults.

It happens. You spelled “its” or “their” wrong. You posted a dead link or asked a question in the wrong area. You cross-posted by accident. Some well-intentioned person lets you know. You thank them and fix it. End of exchange. This is not a troll, this is a person who truly desires to help out – we are all in this together. Constructive feedback is how we learn and grow. This is how forums work for the greater good. This is not a troll, this is a kindred spirit.

#2: Determine their agenda

As you can see, most people just want to help. Some are curious, and some simply don’t know any better. Be gracious, but don’t be too lenient. Frankly, a true troll’s agenda is always the same: they want attention, and the more negative, the better. They thrive on being mean.

#3: Determine if the offender is knowingly baiting you.

Are they new to the forum? Are they new to the internet? Is their first language the same as yours? Are they genuinely curious or just jerks? These are very important questions that are relatively easy to answer, just read their other posts. The difference between a newbie and a troll is intent and tenacity.

INTENT: True trolls spend their time scanning the web for anything that will allow them pick fights. They are very good at what they do. Most of us envision some pimply-faced loser giggling to himself as he corrects your grammar and insults your historical references or OS, but this isn’t what the average troll looks like. The meanest and most effective trolls are over-educated snobs that simply love to argue. They honestly feel that they are better than most everyone else (even though they obviously have an abundance of free time due to their lack of actual friends) Think “Frasier” with PMS and severe mommy issues. These trolls will spend hours crafting the perfect comeback and, even though their wording may be artfully fashioned, their attacks have about as much class (and purpose) as a drive-by egging. Their intent: bully someone until they cyber-cry.

TENACITY: No matter what you do, these bullies will not give in. They simply won’t let go, even if they’re proven wrong. You can’t win, period. They have the tenacity of a pitbull on steroids, minus the cuddliness.

Bottom line: If you are viciously attacked for an honest mistake, a question, or a valid opinion in an open forum, you can assume you have a troll on your hands.


How do you handle an internet troll? There is only one rule:

#1: Do. Not. Engage.

Replying to a troll only encourages them. They will continue to argue, bash, and rant even if you agree with them. Many blogs and forums have pictures reminding you to “DNFTT” – do not feed the trolls. Heed them. Remember, a troll’s food is attention – any attention. You have the right to ignore, delete, unfriend, or whatever other method is available to silence them, depending on the site. Let it go. They are not worth your efforts.

For those sites that do not allow you to monitor and/or delete comments (a certain bookseller named after a large river comes to mind), just let the trolls do their thing. Do not answer them or try to explain yourself, you’ll only make yourself look worse. Most people recognize a troll when they see one. If you investigate, you’ll find that (assuming they consistently use the same user name) they are never helpful to anyone. They are always cranky. No one else will pay attention to them, so neither should you.

A Forum Post is Useful For Rapidly Generating Traffic To Your Website

The initial thing to keep in mind about using forums to make traffic to your website is that the classic forum is designed for humans seeking information, not for search engines looking reciprocal links and other factors to conclude page rankings. Although you can include links to your posts and pages in your comments in a forum, these are mostly ignored by search engine spiders as they are infrequently linked to by other sites. Also, public who constantly promote their site on these platforms without actually contributing to the discussion is likely to be ignored or even harassesed by the expected forum users.

The most essential way to utilize forums to generate traffic to your site is to participate in them as a human being who is genuinely interested in growing their understanding of the subject matter. Proffer advice, answer questions and pose questions of your own on dialogue sites that have viewers that overlap with the audience you are seeking for your website. Then, when you can, present links to your site as a way to find out more related content or as a store for troubleshooting or answering a question. Since my sites take around a half hour each to build, it becomes a very valuable tool to not have to wait around a long time (more than a week) to get the site indexed, ranked and earning

In this way you’ll construct credibility and a sympathetic reputation with genuine live website users that will go back to your site again and again. One more thing to keep in brain about forums is that they are not designed to be personal complaining opinions or a means for you to secretly harass your contest in plain view of the globe. It is essential to consider playing by the regulations of the forum or it could really perform as negative experience for both you and your business. Thinking before you chat in a forum, just as you would if you were inserting on a sales presentation for a prospective customer or investor. Try to be constructive and treat other members of the discussion with the absolutely you yourself ambition.

Get Results From Forum Marketing With This Guide

What Is Forum Marketing

As the name suggests, forum marketing is a way of gaining traffic from the forums by contributing to the content. There are so many forums available online covering any topics that you can think off. But to think of it, if you stumble across any topics that are not covered by any forums, do let me know (if you know what I mean).

Common Mistakes In Forum Marketing

1) Spamming

There are thousands of people who know that forums are a good channel to drive traffic and focus their attention on it. As a result, they spam the forums with zero value comments and posts. Forum marketing is about quality content rather than quantity count.

2) Not using eye-catching forum signature

Forum signature is an area where you can display text or links of your choice. This is the link you want the forum readers to click which will lead back to your blog. But often, I see casually written signature display on it which doesn’t create any urge for the forum readers to click on it.

Achieve This Before Linking To Your Blog

As a rule of thumb, try getting up to 50 posts first before even recommending people to read your blog. Always give before thinking of receiving. Avoid being seen as a spammer by forum members as it will hurt your credibility in the long run. In most cases that I have seen, the easiest way to get banned by a forum is to start posting links to your website on your very first post and this is what I don’t want it to happen to you.

Post 1 unique entry on your blog and put it as your forum signature. This increases the chances of forum members clicking on your link. Make the link description as compelling as possible.

Leveraging From Forums

My advice is to concentrate on 1-2 forums by posting regular comments as well as articles for better results. Find threads that you can add valuable comments on it and do it everyday. Build up your forum profile and you can easily leverage from it. Alternatively, you can start a new thread to share on your experiences of the topic and at the same time provide a lesson for the forum members to learn from your story.

Participate in forums that have active members and fresh threads are being created everyday to discuss on different questions. In this way, you are exposing your content and at the same time being more productive when you leave comments on the thread.

Tips To Improve Forum Marketing

1) Use compelling forum signature

There are simply too many signature links in a forum and how do you make yours attractive for the forum members to click on it? You can use my technique by creating a unique article and post it on your blog. Include the article link on your forum signature to drive traffic to your blog.

2) Use real name

You should be trying to get your name out to your topic market as much as possible and thus using your real name in the forum is a must. You notice that I am trying very hard to tell you to build up your credibility because we are living in a cruel world.

People only follow and believe what you say after you have carved a name for yourself. They will then be all out to get your attention because they hope to get some benefit out from you. I know everyone goes through the same process but shorten the time frame needed to build your credibility online.

3) Post only constructive comments and articles

Contribute only when you can add to the value. Do not post for the sake of increasing your post count in the forum. I need to stress on the importance of quality in forum marketing because there are simply tons of competition in it.

How to Effectively Use Market Forums

Marketing forums online is an extremely powerful method of taking your business name out to the wider masses, and of course it sets you on the global scene of business itself. Like most organic marketing methods this one has no cost attached to it and in addition to getting yourself out there, you can indeed pick up a huge amount of information for yourself which you might not have been aware of beforehand. So essentially forums can be used twofold – firstly, getting your business name and reputation out to the world and secondly, receiving beneficial information for continuing growth of your business. Let’s take a further look at this successful marketing tool.

Believe it or not, using forums for your marketing can be fun as well as an important business tool. You may find yourself being carried away with intrigue as you delve into the mass of information that others have left and then using that information to further your success.

Don’t forget that you obviously need to use forums which are applicable to your own cause. Using the correct forums will drive more traffic to your website. As with most tools, there are good and bad forums so keep a check that you’re using the ones which have lots of traffic for example, or ones where the visitors use the forum with respect and in a business like manner. To find a relevant forum just type into a search engine “your niche forum”, for example “office equipment forum”.

You will be looking for those forums which have like minded people contributing their experience and knowledge as opposed to those who blatantly promote themselves and nothing more. This type can be destructive to your cause as they actually drive traffic away from the given forum.

Before you join any forum, check it out. Are the visitors giving constructive information whilst complimenting the information given by others? Is the information even relevant to your cause? Is there a moderator on the forum checking visitors’ contributions? If there is no moderator, the forum may well be rife with blatant self promotion which is certainly not what you want to be a part of.

Once you have found your forum which is apt for your business, you can start contributing. So how are you going to do this on a level which is beneficial to your business?

The obvious one to all will be to post comments and information regularly. Your posts simply must be relevant and up to date as your readers want rich, valuable information to drive themselves forward also. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can just post on there whatever you want just for the sake of getting your name plastered all over the internet. You will not succeed. If there is a moderator on the forum, he or she will put a stop to your self promotion rather rapidly and ultimately may even ban you from the site for life. If there is no moderator on the forum then the other visitors to the site will soon become aware of what you are doing and will do their best to drive you from the forum site.

So only post when you really do have worthwhile information to give. This form of action will give you lots of credibility as others will eventually know that when you post information, it is actually beneficial to themselves. They may even search you out for valuable pointers to help their business. Following from this method you can see that it is better to post less, with valuable information, rather than post more but with self promotion. To verify this, check out a regular on any forum and see how he or she is doing.

Another method of using marketing forums is to optimise your posts for the search engines. Understand that search engines just love fresh information or content as it is also known and will rank this type of information highly as opposed to old and sometimes copied information which will not help your cause at all. Don’t forget to use lots of relevant keywords to drive the traffic to your posts. Again, don’t overdo it, but certainly make sure they are there. If you have fresh content in all of your posts you will without doubt drive lots of healthy and targeted traffic to them.

This method may not be for everyone but you can actually set up your own forum on the internet. Yes you can, but you may need some experience and expertise in this area so it’s not for any newbie’s out there. It will take you some time and effort and really is a long term method so you will be some time before your new forum becomes lively with visitors. And don’t forget there are already quite a large number of forums on the internet. This method you may consider as food for thought only.

As you can see, forums are an easy to use method of promoting your website to make money. But please remember to use them with respect as they are most certainly not a tool for blatant self promotion and doing this will bring much harm to your business rather than success.

Use the forums professionally with other like minded individuals and always post information which is fresh and relevant to the cause not forgetting to include those golden keywords. If you keep to this approach the forums will prove to be an invaluable asset to your business.

Don’t Forget About Forums!

Forums are everywhere and are great for people to ask questions and discuss services and products. Some businesses interpret a forum into their website whilst others use a forum as their website.

Forums and message boards are still as important as these are the places people go to if they have a question. You can use your expertise to answer these questions or join in on a discussion or debate about a topic which will draw more respect and attention to you and your business.

There aren’t that many online marketing companies who will provide a social media strategy that includes forum use so here is an idea as to what you can do as a business to start participating with the online community:

1. Find the right forums for you

There are so many forums out there that if you try and participate in even half of them, then this could take up way too much of your time. Instead find the right ones for you where you can truly show off your expertise and services/products.

How about asking your co-workers, suppliers and clients where they spend their time online and where they would go to get a question answered or to get information on a topic as you can use this research to give you an idea of what you are looking for.

Construct a list of around 6-9 forums that you feel best suit your business and expertise by looking for forums that have a large number of members, try to avoid forums that have quite a lot of spam and definitely avoid forums that are run by your direct competitors.

2. Start setting up your accounts

People who visit forums respect the answers and views of members who have been registered to the forum for a long period of time, these members are in fact given a start rating or a title once they have either posted a certain number of posts or have been registered with the forum for a period of time. So don’t dawdle, get your account set up and start posting (but don’t spam) as soon as possible so you reach that high status.

Forum marketing is a long-term strategy so don’t start setting up profiles and posting for a month and then stop, keep on top of it and view at as your own marketing channel.

3. Make sure you read the guidelines

As with most things when registering, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions, make sure you read these as you do not want to be suspended or banned from a forum for posting a link in a post that you should have known otherwise if you had read the guidelines. All forums have their own different rules so please make sure you read each of their guidelines and don’t just read one and think that counts for all.

4. Choose a clever and relevant username and avatar

One of the first things people see will be your avatar (a small picture that represents you… not a character from the movie!) and username so think about what you choose. Pick a username that is relevant to your business but is also easy to remember and pronounce, do not choose a username that has deliberate misspellings or involves numbers if you can.

Your avatar will be attached to each and every one of your posts and clearly visible to other members. Try going for a professional headshot of yourself looking cheerful as this can make the best avatar.

5. Create a profile that will impress and engage

This is where you can describe your expertise and experience so make the most of it and make sure people will read it. I would add a couple of hobbies or something personal like your favourite football club so that it doesn’t turn out to be a sales pitch which can put members off from reading it.

Provide contact information like an email address so that people who interested in your business can contact you for more information. To avoid spam and identity thieves avoid using information that you don’t want to be made public such as your mobile telephone number.

Why Choose Concrete Construction

We are always looking for ways that we can add to our home. It might be in adding a specific type of siding or roofing, through updating the landscaping or perhaps by making our driveway smoother and easier to use, but the reality is that we are always on the lookout for something that can help us stand out from the rest.

When it comes to adding a feature that is practical and yet versatile one such option is to incorporate concrete construction elements. Be it a masonry patio, an outdoor fireplace, building a lanai or having an outdoor kitchen, the use for masonry are as numerous and varied as your imagination or budget. And, speaking of budget, because of its durability and ease of maintenance, opting for concrete construction is one of the most budget friendly choices available.

But what is that can be built using masonry? Why, nearly anything you might want! From indoor elements such as gorgeous stained or stamped concrete floors, stairs, or columns to outdoor features like pool side patios, driveways, walkways, garden paths, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces concrete is the perfect medium for all things house related.

5 Ways to Incorporate Concrete Construction:

If you have always considered concrete to be suitable for just the obvious things like driveways or by the pool, you might be surprised to think of it as other home elements. Consider these fun uses of concrete:

  1. Create a custom kitchen counter by using concrete. You can customize everything from the color, the thickness, or even opt to embed personal items in the concrete before it set up for a truly customized look.
  2. Add concrete stepping stones to a garden path Sure you can buy them at your local garden store, but why not create your own shapes, sizes, colors and designs! So much more fun.
  3. Have an outdoor kitchen built, and incorporate concrete elements such as seating, planters, or table tops,
  4. Need help with erosion? Add a masonry retaining wall and keep the dirt and lawn where you want it.
  5. Use concrete to design a raised bed area for your yard

Concrete construction is nothing new, as it has been used in architecture for years. However, we sometimes forget just how perfect it is for so many decorative elements. If you are trying to determine what to do with the appearance of your home or landscape, be sure to consider employing masonry features. You just might be surprised at their versatility. Talk to a local concrete professional today.

Why Modern Home Design Is Oh So Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was not only considered one of the world’s greatest contemporary architects, but was also one of the most prolific and controversial public figures of his time. He was a writer, art collector, philosopher and visionary, all of which combined to inspire his craft. An outdoorsy child, Wright fell deeply in love with the Wisconsin landscape he explored as a boy. “The modeling of the hills, the weaving and fabric that clings to them, the look of it all in tender green or covered with snow or in full glow of summer that bursts into the glorious blaze of autumn,” he later reminisced.

Widely known for four distinct architectural styles, his work stemmed from his belief that buildings should be made from the land, and benefit the land.

  • Prairie: born out of his belief that we needed fewer, larger rooms that flowed more easily and incorporated low pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, a central chimney, and open floor plans which, he believed, was the antidote to the confined, closed-in look of the Victorian era.
  • Textile: these took on a more linear approach, combined with influences from Mayan architecture.
  • Organic: this drew from natural resources, combined with the influence of Japanese architecture.
  • Usonian: smaller than his sprawling Prairie style residences, these contained little ornamentation and lacked basements or attics. These houses were set up into zones, typically with three areas: living space, small bedrooms, and a kitchen-dining area. Built-in components and furniture allowed homeowners to appreciate the simpler, integrated space Wright intended.

Frank Lloyd Wright was clearly a man ahead of his time. The design of many of his homes once seemed light-years ahead of their time, and people often had trouble understanding his vision, yet almost all of our modern home design and custom home building construction puts to use the ideals he thought so important.

The works of Frank Lloyd Wright are unique. No two homes or buildings look alike. He built according to his vision of what the future would be. He saw the need for homes to be more fluid, more open, more live-able, and less restrained. His architecture both documented a time in history and yet managed to push the envelope with his modern philosophical approach to the future of building.

Wright stood for clean lines and simplicity. He believed that a well-built building complemented its environment and surrounding. He disliked the intricate detail and fussiness of the architectural styles that preceded him. His ideals, words and foresight continue to be used as inspiration for modern home design and custom home builders. The echoes of his style are evident in many of the contemporary homes we see designed today.

House Extensions – Things You Need To Know

Rather than moving to a new house, every budget conscious homeowner desires to extend or upgrade their existing home to save both time as well as money. Home additions are a perfect choice for increasing your living space and adding property value. A home extension substantially increases the functional space inside your home and undoubtedly increases the property’s resale value to a great extend. However, before you jump into a final decision, here are some important points to consider regarding a home extension procedure.

Is it a wise choice?

Are you looking forward to an extra bedroom, a new living area for the whole family to enjoy or for a home office? The first and foremost step is to verify the viability of a house extension procedure in your property, no matter whether it is a single storey extension or a two (double) storey extension. Always keep in mind that only a well-planned sensible design can be cost-effective and provide you the likely benefits. Before you proceed, it is also necessary to recognize the need of a planning permission and verify whether your property is located in a conservation area. If so, it is highly recommended to seek advice from your nearby building control authority and do a research about the legal procedures related to the extension work.

Next, take time to find an answer for “how much does an extension cost?” For this, your exact requirement has to be analyzed in detail. Based on your need, you can either choose a rear extension or a side extension procedure. A single storey extension, either done on the side or rear portion, is comparatively cheaper and it requires only minimal disruption. However, if you need more ventilation, then a double storey extension is considered as more beneficial. An extra investment is often required when you adopt additional painting or interior design services. Also, make sure to implement adequate safety measures, before your home remodeling job, to avoid unexpected costs.

As there are multiple possibilities in a home or kitchen extension project, it is extremely essential to find a reputable professional who utilize highly sophisticated construction methods for a hassle free home improvement job. Such professionals inspect your site and suggest the most suitable design pattern, based on your specific requirements, budget and the building’s pre-existing conditions. Moreover, they adhere to essential quality standards and offer adequate work warranty for the job undertaken to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

Top 5 Qualities of Landscape Pathway Materials

You can easily find your way to a better yard with the right landscape pathway materials. If you are looking for new solutions for your outdoor area, then you will also want to consider the qualities for the hardscape you are working with. This will make a difference in how you approach your next landscape project while ensuring that you have the right options for your pathway. Following are the top five qualities to look for with the materials.

1. Water Resistant. A common mistake that many make with landscape pathway materials is the water erosion that occurs. Often, jointing sand, stabilizer for aggregate pathways and other materials don’t have resistance to water. You want to make sure that you have the materials that allow you to maintain the pathway for a longer time frame.

2. Durability. Nothing is better than a durable pathway. You not only want to find stronger paving stones or aggregate. It is also important to make sure that your jointing sand or stabilizer is durable with the pathway. This will assist with a long – lasting solution for your pathway.

3. Low Maintenance. Even though all landscape pathway materials claim to have the best options for maintenance, they often erode quickly or don’t provide you with the correct solutions to upgrade your path. You want to find materials that allow you to replace sections of your pathway or to find solutions that are based on long lasting formulas.

4. Easy to Apply. Some of the landscape pathway materials are mixed with chemicals and other materials that are not compatible with aggregate or paving stones. You want to find options that are natural and are able to easily mix and work with the applications for your pathway.

5. No Chemical Residue. For paving stones and other unique materials, there is often a white haze left behind from poly haze. If you are applying specific pathways, then you want to make sure it won’t leave behind chemicals and white residue. Environmentally friendly solutions with the landscape pathway materials you are looking for will provide you with different levels of compatibility for your hardscape.

Upgrade your outdoor area without problems. If you are looking for different options, then landscape pathway materials can assist you with the desired options. There are a variety of alternatives that you can look into, all which will provide you with high quality, long lasting materials for your next hardscape project.

Enjoy All the Advantages of Affordable Venetian Marble

If spending got in the way of acquiring the super marble and granite looks and feel, read on about Venetian marble. Since recycling is everywhere in our fight to preserve the environment, salvaging natural marble brings us this solution to many dreams. Instead of the rather expensive cultured marble and granite, why not opt for the man-made Venetian marble?

How is Venetian marble made?

The reprocessed marble undergoes a procedure of pressing and heating with polymers and pigments. The result is a very strong, non-porous surface. Made of slabs in the factory, fabricators cut and polish it, ready for installation. You get VM in several attractive colors and enchanting edges for a fairyland feeling. Designs come to life in dreamy settings!

Among the Venetian marble, advantages are easy installations with little maintenance headaches, resisting bacteria and staining. Immense durability makes it appropriate for floors and shower enclosures, backsplashes and countertops.

Installations without seams

Without 48″ restrictions, Venetian marble is the first 60″ wide manufactured marble. With few seams, install it quickly and easily with little waste. Don’t you desire the most environmentally sustainable product?

Attractive color options too

Natural rock comes with many surface pits and marks from the wild underground through sustained earthly processes. Engineered stone is quite regular in coloration and surface consistency through the slab. Seams are minimal as a result and they suit applications where color regularity is preferred. Tibetan Beige and Coco Emperador are popular choices unless you opt for the more traditional colors like the Vanilla Sky and Melange.

How to maintain Venetian marble?

Compared to the conventional tile and natural stone surfaces, These marble premium surfaces present no maintenance issues. Simply wipe with wet cloth and even sponge and paper towels would suffice. If heavy stains occur, you need to use a mild soap. A neutral pH cleaner could also be used. A nonabrasive scrub pad will preserve the surface and result in many years of service with no hassles. A marble sealer is advised for additional protection. This marble being very durable, use it for backsplashes and countertops to provide the smart marble and granite look with a long life.

Venetian marble would introduce a great natural stone fantasy into the home or business at reasonable expense. Since many options exist, some are bound to meet your expectations, fancy, lifestyle, and budget. Survey our vast range of premium surfaces to make the best decisions.